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Welcome to Risse Motorsport GmbH

In our shop you will find motor tuning parts for Opel, BMW, Citroen, VW and many other car makes, in order "to boost" the standard engine of your car.

Active experience from the Opel motor sport and Opel tuning scene!

Our extensive product range also includes freely programmable injection systems by various brands such as KMS, Megasquirt, AME and Trijekt. Moreover, we offer varied service features at our Bosch dyno, for example engine setups, tachometer checkups and performance tests.

CHIPTUNING and HIGH-TECH CLASSIC PARTS - now with Risse Motorsport!

If you are interested in particular engine configurations or special features, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Have a nice day and a good trip ... your Risse Motorsport team